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by Rebel Jon on January 14, 2011

Small Businesses are the heart of the U.S. economy. Getting the word out about your business using social media can be daunting. Subscribe to our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or RSS Feed to receive free tips and articles that keep your business on the forefront of your customer's mind.

Rebel Without Applause LLC is prepared to help your business with top line revenue, bottom line performance and improved customer service through the Internet and social media.  Our staff has impressive credentials and include:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Google AdWords Certified
  • WordPress Expertise
  • Social Media Strategists – Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter and more

Cost effective with a quick, positive Return on Investment (ROI), call us today for a free consultation.  Don't let your competition snag your customers. Act now and call 877.577.3775.

Before we start building, we work with your company to understand the form, fit and function the website will provide to your company.  In other words, we want to ensure we understand how you will use this powerful marketing tool.  Such as:

  1. Acquisition of new customers.
  2. Communicating with potential customers through your website and social media.
  3. Email, calendaring and other collaborative tools to increase productivity.
  4. Assisting your sales funnel.  Getting suspects to prospects; prospects to qualified prospects and qualified prospects to customers.
  5. Displaying your company with the respected brand that you created and want to leverage.
  6. Complementing the colors of your website to your brand and logo.

Options include:

  • Google Apps.  Using Google’s gmail as your business’ email engine.  There are two methods for email integration with Google.
    • The first is Google Apps Standard.  This provides you with 50 individual email accounts.  Group accounts, email addresses that go to multiple organizational recipients (e.g. sales <at>, are setup at the same time.
    • The second option is Google Apps Premier.  Premier is $50 per user/per year payable to Google.  Google Apps Premier allows synchronization with most smart phones, Postini spam prevention and other tools for the organization that requires a higher level of secure, compliant email at the fraction of the cost of a Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Social Media Package.  We set up or take your existing social media profiles and bring them into your website.  This package includes a Facebook Fan Page, which should not be confused with a Facebook personal profile.   The Fan Page is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.  It is the number one social media site in the world.  It allows you and your friends and your friend’s friends to spread the word about your product and services, while pointing them back to your website.  Depending on your business, we will recommend the social media sites that apply to your company’s industry, such as LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter, etc.
  • Newsletter/Email Campaigns Integration.  Communicate with your customers, prospects and value added vendors through your newsletters.  Your customers and interested parties opt in and sign up for your newsletter through your website.  We create a template that complements your logo and brand.  Through our portal you can communicate with your audience, typing as you would in almost any word processor.
  • Keywords Search. We research keywords for your business as potential customers actually search for keywords.  We baseline your website with up to five competitors, along with their keywords. This is a manual, labor-intensive process that evaluates keywords for your particular products and services.  These keywords are used on your posts and pages to acquire higher organic ranking from the search engines.
  • Search Engine Registration.  We register your website with Bing, Google and Yahoo, the three major search engines.  We create the site maps for your website and notify the search engines to schedule scanning and indexing.
  • Website Metrics.  Get a quick heads-up display of where your customers are coming from, what they are searching for and how many visitors you are getting.  More importantly, determine how long they are staying on your site.  Knowing how long they stay and what web pages they visit are important marketing data that allow you to refine and improve your website content, as well as improving your customer conversion ratios.  Don’t guess where your customers are coming from or how long they are staying.
  • Mobile Ready.  One in three cell phones have access to the Internet.  With over 277 million cell phones in the United States, have your website present pages in the Smartphone/iPhone format.
  • To see good social media at work check out Jon Perry for Fort Worth City Council

Written by Rebel Jon

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