Rust-Oleum Cabinet and Countertop Transformation Kits

by Rebel Jon on September 27, 2011

Labor Day weekend 2011, we decided to re-do the kitchen. We read the product literature from Rust-Oleum as well as several blogs. Living in our home for almost seven years, it was time for a kitchen facelift.  But Rust-Oleum Cabinet and Countertop Transformation Kits versus a full replacement of all cabinets and countertops?  Would it work? Would our kitchen look worse?

We are not risk adverse. We thought if it didn't work, we could always do a “real” re-do of the kitchen. We planned our weekend in advance. Here's what we wanted to accomplish over the four day weekend:

  1. Complete the kitchen cabinets with the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit
  2. Complete the countertops with the Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformation Kit
  3. Repaint the kitchen to complement the Rust-Oleum Cabinet and Countertop Transformation Kits
  4. Start Friday afternoon and finish Monday afternoon.

For the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit, we chose Meadow.  And for the Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformation Kit, we chose Charcoal. As pointed out in the video, the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit was the easiest of the two. Cleaning the cabinets well before de-glossing is the key to a great finished product.  The Rust-Countertop Transformation Kit is a bit more challenging, but doable.  I recommend viewing Rust-Oleum's enclosed DVD that comes with each kit at least three times before starting.  Have your plan of attack and consumable items (e.g. rollers, brushes, drop cloths) on hand before you start.  Further, I recommend that you review the next step in the DVD before starting it.

Who can benefit from the Rust-Oleum Cabinet and Countertop Transformation Kits?  In tight economic times these kits can help when you:

  • Need to sell a house that requires a kitchen facelift.
  • Flip a house, but don't want to put much into it.
  • Are living in your home, but don't want to shell out thousands of dollars in new cabinets and countertops.

We'd be interested in your experience. Please post your comments at the bottom of this article.



Written by Rebel Jon

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  • I liked your video blog! Thanks for taing the time to do it. Im not sure if I missed it but what base color did you choose for the cabinets? Im woring on the chocolate color and Im really happy with the way my island came out so Im moving on to the rest of the kitchen.  I was looking for a better way to degloss and save time…. I will go buy the yellow bottle today. : )   THANK YOU!!  Your kitchen looks wonderful!

    • Rachel we used the color Meadow with the included optional glaze.  The glaze adds so much more depth. For the most part, the cabinet colors look exactly as it did in the brochure. We have been very satisfied with the outcome. Wish you the best with your cabinets! Thank you for your kitchen compliment and question.  Jon

  • Sean Matteson

    Did you notice brush strokes?

    • No Sean.  Not at all. Just follow the directions and watch the DVD that comes in the package.

  • No that you’ve lived with the products for over a year, how have they stood the test of time? Can you post any close ups of the counter top & cabinets?

  • DallasNYC

    Thanks so much for your review. I am also wondering how well the products are doing after a year or more?

  • Elchompis

    Hi Rebel Jon it’s been over 2 years after you completed this project, how is the
    kitchen looking so far, from 1 to 10 how would you rate the durability
    of the product? and why?
    A response is much appreciate. Thanks and have a great day!

    • We use the kitchen every day for cooking and baking, especially on weekends. The Rust-Oleum Cabinet and Countertop Transformation Kits have held up better than I could have imagined. They clean up easily. For the cabinets, warm soap and water. For the countertops, after cleaning, a spritz of Windex makes them come alive and shine.

      Absolutely no complaints. They have held up well.

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